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Recycling Evolves
Tightened restrictions globally are hitting us hard at home.

The world of recycling has changed dramatically. Most significantly, China has gone from receiving nearly all of our recycled goods for decades to tightening restrictions to the point of receiving almost none, effective this year.

“China is done,” said Danny Marks, CEO of Berg Mills Supply Co., the materials broker for our partner Gold Coast Recycling. “We had a good 25-, 30-year run with China and that’s no longer the case. By the end of 2020, 95 percent of what used to go to China will be banned.”

Berg Mill, a highly respected Los Angeles-based firm founded in 1962, did see this coming and was able to work with us to develop international markets outside of China “for many years to come,” Marks said.

Prices have continued to drop for this material, he said, “but we are hopeful that new markets will be developed.”

Retooled for the Future

In the meantime, we’re doing what we can to prepare. Notably, Engineering Manager Mike Harrison recently oversaw a major equipment upgrade to Gold Coast’s picking, sorting and baling systems, resulting in a dramatic improvement in efficiencies.

With an eye to a brighter future, we encourage our customers to maintain their outstanding recycling habits, and the company continues to work with Edgar & Associates, a Sacramento-based environmental engineering and lobbying firm, to make sure the recycling industry’s voice is being heard.

We also make recycling information readily available online. Visit for a list of commercial recyclables. Visit for home recyclables. Please make it your business to be an active and informed participant in your waste disposal. The future depends on it.

The newly upgraded machinery at Gold Coast Recycling in Ventura runs much faster and cleaner, helping to give Gold Coast a leg up in the struggling recycling industry. (Photo by Brendan Daly/Whisenhunt Communications)

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