Climate Registered Status

Climate Registered Harrison: in Rarefied Air

Continuing to lead the ecological charge, Harrison Industries is achieving well beyond carbon neutrality in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the latest Climate Registry and Avoided Emissions Reporting, “Harrison has fully offset its direct GHG emissions 18 times – well beyond net zero.”

It’s a remarkable number but not unexpected, given the company’s well tracked history of avoided emissions and following all of the protocol. We see this as our greatest responsibility and our greatest success as a trash/recycle company.

Throughout our 88-year history – since long before global warming became a sweeping social issue – Harrison has strived to reuse waste material and avert it from the landfill, where methane gas emissions have caused the atmospheric warming that’s led to climate change.

In 1990, at the dawn of the recycling movement, Harrison launched its Gold Coast Recycling facility. Using state-of-the-art equipment – which has been updated several times over the decades, including this year – Gold Coast has remained consistently at the top of national environmental performance rankings.

Among the company’s proudest achievements has been its annual high ranking on the prestigious Climate Registry, which monitors greenhouse gas emissions.

Harrison joined The Climate Registry in 2008 – just after the registry was formed – and it’s met its goal of remaining far ahead of the clean-air curve every year.

About the Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization designed and created in 2007 to manage and reduce businesses’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The registry operates GHG reporting programs globally and assists organizations in measuring, reporting and verifying the carbon in their operations in order to manage and reduce it. The organization also consults with governments nationally and internationally on all aspects of GHG measurement, reporting and verification.

Among the first companies to join The Climate Registry’s monitoring efforts, Harrison has proactively and voluntarily reported our greenhouse gas emissions through The Climate Registry every year since.

Details on these avoided emissions from recycling, composting and averted landfill use are available in the full report from The Climate Registry, at