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We are Truly Honored! Harrison brothers are among the newest members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura's Founders' Society.


Swinging with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - for CSU Channel Islands


We Were Armed to Help at BSA's 'Shootout for Scouting'


Holy Guacamole! Another Awesome Avocado Festival!


A Tasty Way to Spend the Day in Hot, Beautiful Ojai


Sustainable Energy at Center of Business Outlook Conference



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We are Truly Honored ...

Brothers - and new Founders' Society members - Ralph, Jim and Myron Harrison, at right, joined others at the BGCGV's Oct. 26 induction ceremony: from left, David Luna and Jim Rivera (on behalf of Dan Mandell), Michael Addison (on behalf of Bob Addison) and Tom Hinkle.


Harrison Industries co-owners and brothers Jim, Myron and Ralph Harrison are new members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura's prestigious Founders' Society.


The three brothers were among seven new members inducted into the Founders' Society during a third annual event on Oct. 26; they join their parents, E.J. and Myra Harrison, who were inducted in February of 2016.


We could not be prouder of this accomplishment, which recognizes Harrison's deep and abiding support for and dedication to our community's youth. It also allows the brothers to stand shoulder to shoulder again with their remarkable parents.


Thanks to the Ventura Boys & Girls Club - a local institution that's existed in town since 1938 - for this amazing honor and for a wonderful event. All of us at Harrison are humbled and proud to support the club however we can. To be recognized like this makes it all the more uplifting.


To learn more about the Ventura Boys & Girls Club, visit or call 805-641-5585.


Swinging with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - for CSUCI

Sharing smiles, music and a truly great night with, from left next to me, Dr. Erika Beck, CSUCI President; Bill and Darlene Camarillo; and Jenny Harrison.

What a wonderful night! Harrison Industries was honored to once again be a sponsor of California State University Channel Islands' annual President's Dinner & Concert. The premier event took place on Oct. 14 at Libbey Bowl in Ojai. 


Ralph Harrison's wife Jenny and I attended, along with Bill and Darlene Camarillo and Bill's brother Dave.


Jenny Harrison and I show off the plaque of the E.J. Harrison Family Promenade at the Libbey Bowl.

There's always a music superstar headlining this event. This year, it was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - and wow, was that ever a treat. Local boys Scotty Morris and Kurt Sodergren formed BBVD, a swing revival band, in Ventura in 1989. The renowned band has released 10 albums, been featured in movies and on TV shows (including a Super Bowl halftime show), and played on stages worldwide. The tightknit group - also featuring Dirk Shumaker, Andy Rowley, Glen "The Kid" Marhevka, Karl Hunter and Joshua Levy - were as electrifying and in sync as ever on stage under the stars at beautiful Libbey Bowl.


The VIP event is the biggest fundraiser of the year for CSUCI, with proceeds going to scholarships and other programs for students at the Camarillo university. It also helps to fund future academic facilities such as event and athletic centers, to help better serve its students.

Local boy Scotty Morris and his Big Bad Voodoo Daddy bandmates swung and rocked CSUCI's night at Libbey Bowl in Ojai.


We Were Armed to Help at BSA's 'Shootout for Scouting'

Harrison family sharpshooters once again aimed to assist the Boy Scouts of America's Ventura County Council, when they took part this month in the council's annual "Shootout for Scouting" fundraiser.


Harrison Industries is a longtime sponsor of this friendly but fiercely competitive event, which took place on Oct. 6 at the Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall. Harrison family sharpshooters may not have won any prizes, but they did their best and competed for a great cause. Each year, the event brings in tens of thousands of dollars for local Boy Scout programs.


As always, our teams had a great time taking the day off and enjoying the great outdoors.

Holy Guacamole! Another Awesome Avocado Festival!

Ralph, Jenny and Jim Harrison had a grand time as they represented Harrison Industries at the Carpinteria festival.

From left, Donald Sealund, Ralph Harrison, Carpinteria City Councilmember Greg Carty and Chris Frosaker strike a happy pose.

The 31st annual California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria was a huge success, as always, and we were happy to once again be a part of it.


The three-day event on Oct. 6-8 drew a record crowd of more than 110,000 to the 800 block of Linden Avenue in the heart of Carpinteria.


Plenty of local dignitaries were on hand for the festival. Attending the VIP dinner were, from left, community activist Lisa Guravitz and her husband, Carpinteria Mayor Fred Shaw, City Manager David Durflinger and John Nicoli, a community activist who serves on the Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Board.

For the seventh consecutive year, Harrison Industries managed trash collection at the festival, which again reached its goal of zero waste!


We placed yellow-lid recycling barrels around the festival grounds specifically for disposed food waste and paper products, and the materials were later delivered to our strategic partner Agromin for processing. We placed barrels with blue lids around the grounds for recyclables such as aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic materials along with nonfood trash. These materials were sorted at our other strategic partner, Gold Coast Recycling & Transfer Station.


We're gratified that, with these efforts, more than 3 tons of food waste and more than 11 tons of mixed recyclables were collected and diverted from our landfills.


Harrison Industries, the Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce - which this year manned the very popular beer booth - and so many others help sponsor the nonprofit, free-admission California Avocado Festival. It is a huge undertaking, featuring dozens of places to get amazing (largely avocado-based) food, 75-plus music acts on four stages, an avocado expo and other attractions. We're so happy to support this giant gathering, which draws folks from the community, the region and beyond.


We were on site for four days, setting up on Thursday and working all three days of the festival. We're always in awe of all the moving parts that work together to create this event.


The Harrisons and I thank the event planners for their dedication. And special thanks for the wonderful opening-night VIP party, which was attended and enjoyed by many Harrisons: Ralph and Jenny, Darren and Lisa, Myron and Sharon, and Jim and me.


We love this event! It's terrific entertainment, and helping to keep the California Avocado Festival clean feels especially, well, green!


A Tasty Way to Spend the Day in Hot, Beautiful Ojai

I had a great time wine-tasting with Stephanie Caldwell, President and CEO of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, and we agreed that Mona with Topa Mountain Winery poured some


delightful selections.

If you have a taste for fantastic food, wonderful wine and sweltering October weather, you would have been in heaven at the Taste of Ojai event held on Oct. 22 at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Shady spots were popular at the afternoon event, which was glorious - 98-degree heat and all.


The Rotary Club of Ojai Educational Foundation once again did a phenomenal job of putting on this 17th annual charity event, on the 10th Green at the Ojai Valley Inn.


The event was a fundraiser for the Ojai Educational Foundation and other local nonprofits, and it's considered the area's premier food event of the year. Taste of Ojai is a showcase of culinary creations from local restaurants, caterers, wineries and other food specialists. There's also beer, music and dancing. With the gorgeous Topa Topa Mountains as a backdrop, this event really has it all and is a huge draw every year.


And at the end of that beautiful day, education benefited.


Sustainable Energy at Center of Business Outlook Conference

Moderator Stacy A. Roscoe shared the stage with State Sen. Henry Stern and Kern County Assemblyman Vince Fong during the panel discussion.

With its theme relating to sustainable and reliable energy, the 47th annual Business Outlook Conference of the Ventura County Economic Development Association was a topical gathering of several hundred local business and civic leaders.


The event ran from 7:30 a.m. to noon on Monday, Oct. 20, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The theme was "Reliable and Sustainable Energy - Looking Ahead."


The goal of the Business Outlook Conference was to investigate the future of California's energy policies in both the sustainable and reliable energy sectors for the next 20 years.


Ventura County Supervisor Peter Foy was also among the presenters at the informative event.

Harrison Industries was a sponsor of the well-attended conference, which included a panel discussion about the replacement plan for a now-shelved natural gas power plant project on the coast in Oxnard.


State Sen. Henry Stern, a Democrat representing Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, and Kern County Republican Assemblyman Vince Fong participated on the panel to discuss the need to address power storage problems in the wake of the Puente Power Project being shelved, as California transitions away from fossil fuels and toward more sustainable energy sources.


Mike Harrison, Harrison's engineering manager, and I were among those attending this always-fascinating event.


As I work with elected officials and business leaders seeking solutions to pressing economic issues facing Ventura County, I am convinced that by creating a better communication link, we can work together more effectively to achieve common goals. As a board member for VCEDA, I am very proud of these efforts.

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