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EJ Harrison
Working Together for a Better Environment
Happy Holidays
This is a special time for us at Harrison Industries. As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season we are also celebrating the end of the company’s 76th year in business.

Seventy-six years! Our family-owned company has been in operation since before any of our current employees were even born. What began as a two-person business—E.J. and Myra—has grown into one of the largest family owned trash businesses in the United States and for that we are very proud and grateful. Myra will be 94 in February and we are very happy to still have her with us as Co-founder.

Our family has made major investments in the company. We have combined this with a strong commitment to recycling but the challenges will be even greater to keep the momentum going with the downturn in the economy. We wish to thank you, our friends and customers for working so hard to make our motto work—Keep Recycling, It’s the Right Thing to Do. We wish you and yours the very best this Holiday Season.

Myra, Ralph, Jim and Myron

Merry Christmas at Harrison Industries
Nan Drake & Ken Keyes decided to interview several employees and ask them what they wanted Santa to bring them. Most of the answers were unselfish and full of good will.

Jose Rangel - Jose wants peace for all and wishes good relationships with their families. He also wished for better economic times, and wanted to thank the Harrisons for the opportunity to work for them.

Oscar Elizalde - Oscar just wanted to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2009.

Jose Vargas - Good health to all. His son has been signed as a professional baseball player by the Chicago White Sox, and he just wishes that he plays good enough to succeed in professional baseball.

Jennifer Branch - We caught her running out the door, and we all wish her a healthy and happy baby. Congratulations, Jennifer.

Armando Barajas - Armando wanted to wish everyone a beautiful life. As for himself, he wanted to have the energy to keep working.

Victor Martinez - Victor wanted 2009 to be a good year for all, with health to everyone’s family. He also said he hoped all the kids got everything on their Christmas List.

Harrisons Celebrate ‘Green Christmas’ at Camarillo Parade
Picture: Driving is Jim Harrison with Ralph Harrison in the front seat next to him. (L to R in the back) Myron, Lynn & George Harrison. In the LNG Truck behind the old car (L to R) is George, Jr., Nan Drake & Jenny Harrison.

The Harrison Family wished everyone a “Green Christmas” while serving as Grand Marshals at the 47th annual Camarillo Christmas Parade on Dec. 13.

Harrison Vice President Jim Harrison drove his 1928 Ford convertible at the head of the parade that went along Las Posas Drive, with Harrison President Ralph Harrison riding shotgun in the front passenger seat. Sitting in the back seat were their brother, Harrison Vice President Myron Harrison, Myron’s son George, who directs the Gold Coast Recycling Center and Transfer Station, and Ralph’s son Lynn, who serves as operations manager for Harrison Industries.

Following behind in a liquefied natural gas-powered Harrison truck were George’s son, George Jr., Ralph’s wife Jenny, and Nan Drake, public relations director for the company.

The parade’s theme this year was “Green Christmas,” and Harrison Industries was selected to lead the parade in honor of its many efforts orts in environmental protection, from its innovative recycling programs to the company’s purchase of several new trucks fueled by clean-burning LNG and its opening of the first LNG fueling station in western Ventura County two years ago.

The parade was a yuletide celebration of the environment. Participants included politicians, high school bands, Boys and Girls Scout troops, car clubs and service organizations from all over Ventura County. Several floats in the parade were made of sustainable or recyclable materials.

Ojai & Carpinteria Help the Environment with Reusable Totes
Picture: Carpinteria Beautiful shows off their reusable grocery totes after touring Gold Coast Recycling.

Harrison Industries was proud to join forces with the Ojai Valley Green Coalition and other sponsors for Ojai’s “A Day Without a Bag” event on Dec. 20. On that Saturday, five stores in the City—Rainbow Bridge, Rite Aid, Starr Market, Vons and Westridge Market—bagged groceries using reusable totes, instead of disposable plastic bags.

Upon receiving their groceries, customers were encouraged to bring the reusable totes back with them on their return shopping trips to the stores. The more customers do so, the less the stores have to rely on disposable plastic bags, and the better it will be for the environment. Carpinteria Beautiful toured Gold Coast Recycling and afterwards showed off their reusable grocery bag totes (see photo).

Why are disposable plastic bags so harmful to the environment? For starters, they are made from a non-renewable natural resource: petroleum. Consequently, the manufacturing of plastic bags contributes to the diminishing availability of our natural resources and the damage to the environment from the extraction of petroleum.

Plastic bags are said to take up to 1,000 years to decompose on land and 450 years in water. Plastic bags account for a major part of our waste in landfills . More importantly, plastic bags are one of the top items of litter on our community beaches, roads, sidewalks and vegetation. They are light and hard to contain. Because of their light weight, plastic bags fly easily in wind, float along readily in the currents of rivers and oceans and block drainage.

Harrison Industries encourages all to get in the habit of bringing a tote bag to the store. It may take a little extra effort on your part, but it is well worth it.

Harrison Hosts LNG Training for Local Fire Departments
Picture - Top: Ed Lopez demonstrates how the LNG tank works at the Ventura County Fire Department’s regional hazardous materials quarterly training session. Bottom: A city fireman inspects an LNG tank on a Harrison truck.

E.J. Harrison & Sons hosted the Ventura County Fire Department’s regional hazardous materials quarterly training session on Nov. 17-19.

Hazardous material response teams from several agencies attended the training in Harrison’s Saticoy facility. These agencies included the Ventura County Fire Department, City of Ventura Fire Department, City of Oxnard Fire Department and the Federal Fire Department from the Ventura County Naval Base. The regional fire departments recognized that training was needed due to the increase in alternative fuel trash trucks and buses in the county.

“Flammable liquids are nothing new to us, but we’re seeing a big increase in the use of liquefied natural gas, so it is something we’re going to be dealing with a lot more in the future,” said Steve Becker, hazardous materials officer for the Ventura County Fire Department.

Each day during training, Ken Keyes, Harrison’s Risk Manager, and Maintenance Manager Ed Lopez joined Rob Worcester of Cryogenic Experts, Inc. (CEXI) in training attendees on the characteristics of LNG fuel. Rob Worcester’s company built Harrison’s LNG fuel station and is an expert in cryogenic fuels.

Training included general information regarding LNG, potential hazards, how the trucks work and how the station operates, along with a tour of the station.



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