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EJ Harrison

Working Together for a Better Environment
Best Holiday Wishes to All

Our thoughts are with all of you this holiday season.

This has been a difficult year for us. Our mother, Myra, co-founder of this company, suffered a major stroke the end of April. Many of you have shown remarkable kindness during this trying period and we sincerely thank you. Myra also wishes to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during her recuperation.

Business-wise, it has been a successful year for Harrison Industries. Major milestones include gaining a new 15-year contract with the City of Ventura, building and opening an LNG station at our maintenance yard facility and making major advances in recycling, especially in plastics.

We congratulate the recently-elected council members in the cities we serve and look forward to continuing our strong working relationship with our contract cities.

As Christmas and the New Year approach we wish all of you good health and happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Ralph, Jim and Myron Harrison

Christmas Trees Keep Giving

Picture: Top Left - Dave Lidren, owner of Big Wave Dave’s Christmas tree lot, helps Nan Drake find just the right Christmas tree. Dave is happy that all his trees are enjoyed during the holidays and then “returned to mother earth”--recycled. Top Right - Josh Lakin and Jamie Gill get ready for Christmas by decorating their tree. Bottom - California Wood Recycling turns Christmas trees into mulch.

One of the most cherished family holiday traditions is spending a day shopping for the perfect Christmas tree. Part of the fun is inspecting all the trees in the lot or farm and trying to come to a consensus on which one to take home. What type of tree would look best in your living room – pine, fir or cedar? Which has the best scent? How tall should it be? How much to spend? Decisions, decisions.

And decorating the tree is just as fun. Who doesn't have fond memories stringing the chosen tree with Christmas lights and carefully hanging each ornament in the perfect spot Tinsel, or no tinsel? That’s another yuletide question.

As always, Christmas comes and goes too quickly and the New Year arrives, marking an end to the holiday season and leading to perhaps the least cherished family holiday tradition – taking the decorations off the tree. As you drag it out to the curb, take comfort in knowing that Harrison Industries will put your tree to good use. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.

Remember to cut the tree in half and place it in your brown yard waste barrel. We'll collect it and transport it, along with about 80,000 other Christmas trees this year, to California Wood Recycling where they will be chopped and turned into mulch. Agromin will then process the mulch into various products that benefit t our farmlands, orchards, nurseries and our own gardens.

Think of it this way: Your recycled Christmas tree helps reduce the use of non-organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides – making our local air and water cleaner.

Think of it as your Christmas gift to the environment.

Reviewing a Noteworthy Year

Picture: Ralph Harrison welcomes everyone at the LNG fueling station grand opening.

In the past year, there have been many successes that reflect well on Harrison Industries as the company strives to exceed the demands and expectations of all of the cities and customers we serve. Three successes stand out above the rest.

In the city of Ventura, our home base for more than 70 years, Harrison Industries was able to negotiate the longest contract we have ever had with the city -- up to 15 years provided we meet all the terms of the agreement. As usual, those terms include great service and continued growth in recycling.

Another milestone is the completion of the Liquid Natural Gas fueling station – a project that has been in the works for more than five years. The grand opening event was well attended and covered very favorably in the news, as it should have been. The Harrisons are committed to running a fleet of trucks that emits as few pollutants as possible. By this time next year we hope to have up to 30 trucks that run solely on LNG, which produces virtually no particulate matter and significantly less NOx and other harmful emissions.

Every department in the company has contributed to our success in building a cleaner fleet, but a special thanks should go our to Ralph Harrison and his shop and mechanics, who have gone to great lengths to learn about the new technologies we are using and smoothly integrate them into our operations. We are one of the few trash companies in the state to be ahead of the statewide compliance schedule for running cleaner diesel fleets.

Another big plus this past year has been the continued expansion of recycling. Gold Coast has been able to market materials that hardly any other transfer stations can. All plastics labeled #1-7 are accepted, and all hard plastics like flower pots and old laundry baskets are also welcome. Styrofoam and film plastics are pretty much the only type of plastic that Gold Coast cannot find a reuse for. Old tennis shoes are also picked off the sorting line and turned over to Nike, which turns them into the base for new athletic fields for inner cities. Harrison, Gold Coast and California Wood Recycling combine to form one of the most powerful recycling teams in the state, which by year’s end will have diverted an astounding 200,000 tons from the landfill. That’s the type of Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

Employees Give Thanks at Thanksgiving

Picture: From left - Ramiro Gaytan, Fernando Vasquez,Martin Diaz and David Pardee are thankful for the turkeys that Harrison gives them every Thanksgiving.

Ramiro Gaytan: “I’m thankful because through my work I have what I have; my house, etc. and I can give my family what they need. I’m also thankful for the turkey that the company gave us. They made it possible for us to have something to celebrate with our family and friends this Thanksgiving. Hopefully everything will remain the same.” “I also give thanks to the Company for putting up with us when we do things that are not right. I’m looking forward to celebrating next year’s Thanksgiving with the Harrisons again.”

Martin Diaz: “First of all, I’m thankful for life itself. Second, for the opportunity to have a family. To have the privilege to be useful. I’m also grateful to God for the blessings I have received and to the Company for providing me with a job to be able to fulfill my basic needs.”

Fernando Vazquez: “I’m grateful for everything I have. Every day I give thanks to God that I’ve lived one more day. I’m also grateful for who I am. For my work, my life, my house. For my family. And sometimes for my friends too (smile).”

David Pardee: “I’m thankful for my job and my family. And because I have good health. I’m also thankful because I have 100% more than what I had two years ago.”



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